Sabrina Fritsch ROSA Rosilene Luduvico Distanz Verlag

ROSA – Rosilene Luduvico & Sabrina Fritsch

30 × 24 cm, 40 pages, 32 color images, Softcover with dust jacket

Editor & Concept  Sabrina Fritsch, Rosilene Luduvico
Texts  Katharina Klang, Dr. Doris Krystof
Translation  Dr. Suzanne Kirkbright
Copy Editing  Doris Lösch
Photography  Achim Kukulies, Tamara Lorenz
Design  Adeline Morlon
Image Editing  Henning Krause
Production  DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH

Edition of 500 copies

ISBN 978-3-95476-191-3


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Sabrina Fritsch artist book XYZ Lubok Verlag
Sabrina Fritsch artist book XYZ Lubok Verlag Sabrina Fritsch artist book XYZ Lubok VerlagSabrina Fritsch artist book XYZ Lubok Verlag


33 × 24 cm, 64 pages, 36 figures in offset, duplex and iris print, Swiss brochure

Editor  Stadt Viersen – Städtische Galerie
Concept  Sabrina Fritsch, Leonie Pfennig, Lisa Pommerenke
Text  Leonie Pfennig
Translation  Dr. Suzanne Kirkbright
Proofreading  Jutta Pitzen
Design  Lisa Pommerenke
Photography  Annette Kradisch, Achim Kukulies, Tamara Lorenz, Daniela Steinfeld
Printing  TIAMATdruck GmbH, Düsseldorf

Edition of 300 copies

ISBN 978-3-945111-32-1

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“XYZ” is an artist’s book with an innovative presentation of new combinations of Sabrina Fritsch’s paintings as an experiment with print graphics. Several print processes, like iris- and duplex printing, are used to reverse and manipulate colour hues and to stimulate inventive processes.
Print processes and techniques are a growing priority for the artist’s recent work, and their interplay complements and influences the paintings.
A lexicon essay—an imaginary ‘A to Z’ starting with ‘a’ for asymmetry through ‘n’ for neon grey to ‘z’—connects painting, print techniques and a book format as incentives to decipher the artwork.
(Leonie Pfennig)


Sabrina Fritsch artist book Risoprint
Sabrina Fritsch artist book RisoprintSabrina Fritsch artist book RisoprintSabrina Fritsch artist book RisoprintSabrina Fritsch artist book Risoprint

Sabrina Fritsch

40 × 28.2 cm, 58 pages, 36 color images and 7 limited edition riso prints, Hardcover open binding

Edition of 5 copies


Sabrina Fritsch 1 von 100 artist book Strzelecki Books
Sabrina Fritsch 1 von 100 artist book Strzelecki BooksSabrina Fritsch 1 von 100 artist book Strzelecki BooksSabrina Fritsch 1 von 100 artist book Strzelecki BooksSabrina Fritsch 1 von 100 artist book Strzelecki BooksSabrina Fritsch 1 von 100 artist book Strzelecki Books

1 / 100

“1/100” artist’s book, bound with sleeve comprising riso prints on RISO GR 3770, with artist’s double-sided imprint of machine-produced motifs, 100 unique copies 64 pages, 29.7 × 20.9 cm, signed and numbered by the artist

Every 10th book appears as a subscription edition with a special insert page (29.7 × 42 cm) on RISO GR 3770

Cover print, binding  Hitzegrad, Wuppertal

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The artist’s book “1/100” marks a turning point in the artist’s work. The project is an archive, experiment, compendium and simultaneously a foundation emerging from the search for a technique to translate the materiality of her paintings onto printed paper. Risograph print involves printing ink on paper using a thermal process; like silkscreen, its haptic and superior quality is intensified by overlapping several ink layers.

Sabrina Fritsch experimented for over a year with the possibilities of using a copier machine for the composition. She finally focused on the reappraisal and review of her entire archive of paintings and photographs to create a compact book. Relying on excerpts from her previous works, draft designs, photographic samples or visual notes, she separated, scanned, processed and copied details onto transparent film. Ultimately, she recombined them using riso print to form new paintings.

In contrast with painting, here it is not the artist’s hand but the copy machine, which defines the final picture with its unpredictable blemishes and automated processes, so influencing the artist book’s layout. Approximately 580 double-page spreads with various motifs are the basis for 100 unique artworks made from 16 A3 sheets. Thanks to the six ink rolls, which she could use for her work, ever-changing new layers and overlaps emerge to generate one-off patterns or to modify the starting motifs.

The sequence of pages of each book and facing-page motifs are the random copier machine product which is completed by the print shop. The book becomes a unique work in its own right—its focus is specially selected work details rather than pre-existing compositions. The next step is the inspiration for the artist’s most recent works in which she uses complex painting processes to translate single pages of the book back to painting. (Leonie Pfennig)


Sabrina Fritsch PV Private View Institut für moderene Kunst

P       V

21 × 14.8 cm, 60 pages, Colour, Swiss brochure with open binding

Editor  Institut für moderne Kunst Nürnberg
Editing  Kathrin Mayer, Anke Schlecht, Petra Weigle
Contributions  Stefanie Kreuzer, Pia Niewöhner
Cover and Design  Chan-Young Ramert
Translation  Susanne Eder
Photography  Sabrina Fritsch, Annette Kradisch, Achim Kukulies, Pia Niewöhner
Image Editing  Alex Kovacs
Print  Druckerei Conrad, Berlin

Edition of 600 copies



Sabrina Fritsch VAN HORN Portal Opak

Portal opak

27.4 × 20.4 cm, 40 pages, Colour, Swiss brochure

Text  Katharina Klang
Translation  Katharina Rebel
Layout  Pia Niewöhner
Photography  Achim Kukulies, Düsseldorf
Print  Hitzegrad, Wuppertal

Edition of 600 copies


Sabrina Fritsch Förderpreis Düsseldorf

Sabrina Fritsch

21 × 14.8 cm, 8 pages, Colour, Brochure

Editor & Concept  Sabrina Fritsch
Text  Catrin Lorch
Photography  Achim Kukulies, Sebastian Riemer
Production  Jan van der Most, Düsseldorf

Edition of 400 copies